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October 11, 2014

Hidemyass discount coupon

Hidemyass has done regularly huge server update.

Hidemyass discount

Hidemyass discount

Since their last update.They have added 16 server, 3142 IPs,9 Countries, and 1 new Virtual location to the Hidemyass Vpn Network.

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Use on all Device

all-deviceHidemyass VPN software work on all devices. All in one. You have to just pay for one. HMA works including internet enabled TVs and games consoles. It can use on two devices at the same time.



Hidemyass VPN service allow user to use the web like a private network and can get
high security and a VIP access to blocked




Video you like watch

Hma video


Its bypass online blocks to access foreign
content like a local. Its bypass censorship
of sites like Facebook, Gmail and Youtube.



Enjoy the Privacy and Non-stop Online

Hidemyass conceal personal data and IP address
online. Secure datas from snooping.Access block
content worldwide and get total privacy online
with the top rated Hidemyass PVN service.


VPN Market Leader HideMyAss Pro

March 18, 2014

HideMyAss was founded in the year 2005 by expertise of United Kingdom. It has been almost a decade that  HideMyAss provides its user friendly best VPN service with high performance. With the help of worlds best team HideMyAss working in this competitive VPN service world to be in the top. HideMyAss gives the best environment to be safe and secure.

I like this software just because of its non-technicality, which means it doesn’t need to be technically smart. Its very easy to use at the user end.

Let me tell you some especial efficacy of HideMyAss Pro.

# It hide your Ip behind its 70,000 IP address from 65 countries around the world.

# It support every platform of computing like PC, Mac, Phone and Tablets etc


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Hidemyass Review On Achievements

Excellence for Hidemyass through-out this April month

Making unbroken the bench point of being Largest VPN Programs
Provider, Hidemyass team works round the clock to deliver its best quality products and services.

Hidemyass taken care of 38.27% nations all over the world with thier servers,
however keen to add more and more. It demonstrates the strength and also hardwork of team
Hidemyass. Hidemyass offers a lot more nations than several other VPN industry.

"Real admirable achievements"

# Adding up Of completely new server and even new nations to the system.
# Combating against Heartbleed bug
# Magnificent Starting of 600th server

Latest Servers also New Countries

* 19 Proxy Servers
* 2949 IP addresses
* 4 New nations around the world a) Colombia b) Yamoussoukro c) Nairobi d) Lagos

Virtual Location:
Netherlands, Amsterdam - Virtual USA
Germany, Frankfurt - Virtual UK

Virtual destination are great to find faster connectivity by using Hidemyass VPN services

Fight against virus

As per advisory by OpenSSL Project that Heartbleed virus could make hares to the internet
end user and retrive facts and info from encrypted SSL endpoints. Hidemyass have taken all the major
steps to protect their customers thereby making definitely sure that zero susceptibility will take place and also Hidemyass clients won't
get affected by the virus.

600th Server

The perfect time to get done celebration for Hidemyass organization
Establishment of 600th server in itself a landmark achievement
now Hidemyass user can use 74,000 IP addresses in 151
different cities from 75 various countries
around the world.